The course.

As you can imagine, the course does need to be maintained throughout the year. There will be regular requests from the committee for help in work parties to keep the course in good order and to prepare for upcoming competitions.  As a member of DV(F)AC, you are expected to contribute to the running of the club, assist at events/competitions and to help with the maintenance work when you can.


We use the "Big Game" round, where the archer has up to three arrows per target but stops shooting after the first scoring arrow. Shots are taken from coloured pegs, and tend to be in a walk up format, so the archer gets closer to the target with each subsequent shot. There are five different coloured pegs for each target, the colour and order of the pegs is dependent on the age of the archer.


You may occasionally also see a black and yellow striped peg.  This is known as a wasp peg.  It is set in such a way as to make the shot considerably more challenging.  If you choose to shoot from the wasp peg, you are only allowed 1 arrow; however if you hit the target then the score is doubled.  There is no separate wasp peg for juniors.

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